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This is a 1 on 1 phone (up to 2 hours) consultation as well as a booking for service. We’ll go over every aspect of our brand & the MilliUp platform itself based off of the MilliUpdates Page. Then, we’ll help you build your own empire brand! Sit down fee is $3000 [depending on any MilliServices purchased prices may vary].

This purchase includes a customized merchandise (YOUR LOGO) starter kit of:


1 Custom Logo
10 Tee Shirts
500 Business Cards
FREE HEAVY ROTATION ADVERTISING ON ALL MilliUp!dotcom! Multi-Media outlets for 30 days
First class customer service & help where you can learn from other professional experts who can help you along your journey to entrepreneurship!

Feel free to send any pre-purchase questions to the contact form below.

Build A Brand

Contact us here if you have any questions.

Send your email to the address carolinageorge@milliup.com