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Introducing The MilliBlast!!! By: MilliUp LLC

(mostly catered to hip hop/rap/R&B/Trap/Trap Soul or whatever we call it these days but we do have opportunities for the EDM, POP, & Rock Genres as well)

    • Over 500 Music blogs MOST offer free placement!

  • Over 300 DeeJays who play ALL KINDS OF MUSIC!

  • Over 200 Radio Stations (FM, Satellite, & Internet) MANY of whom will pay you royalties!

  • Over 100 Music Magazines!
  • Social Media promotions marketing gurus!
  • Booking Agents who will find you gigs to play/places to perform and GET YOU PAID! NO MORE “PAY TO PLAY”!
  • Music Licensing and Placements… get your music sent over to some of the most popular agents in the market!
  • Publicist, Public Relations, Tour Placements, Photographers, videographers… and much much more!


This list of contacts is used for our own personal gain here at MilliUp LLC, and there is REAL value on each of our contacts as you can see by checking out our MilliUpdates page.

We’ve decided that we want to live by the “Each One Teach One” motto and offer our HUGE network of industry contacts to EVERYONE who wants to be successful in this industry.

For a VERY affordable price of $1/email sent, WITH NO MINIMUM, we allow a price for EVERY Budget! WE EVEN LET YOU CHOOSE THE CATEGORIES FROM THE BULLETS ABOVE for a more targeted approach! On top of that, our staff here at MilliUp LLC will walk each artist through the process of what is needed in the body of the email so that we can help make sure that each artist is getting the best possible chance to be heard throughout our network.

The MilliBlast email contacts list has been a blessing to our brand and company, we are sure it will be for yours too. This list was created with over a years worth of time, networking, and researching, so there is a great deal of pride behind the validity of each contact!

Listen, we are excited for you! Let’s get started!

Pick A Blast!


If you offer any viable services for our network of music entertainers and entrepreneurs and you would like to add your business/brand to the MilliBlast list please fill out the contact form below.