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Carolina George has created an online archive!

In this archive there are currently over 200 songs, dozens of videos, youtube links, unseen artwork, and much much more. Hear some of Carolina George’s first recordings EVER to the latest unreleased tracks!

This is Carolina George’s entire musical journey!

We would like for YOU to have access to all of it!

Now if you just took the per track retail value of this collection, the music alone would cost well over $200. Much of this content isn’t available ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!

As a special ONE TIME offer, you can gain access to the entire “ManDown-IP Catalog” for just $49.99. That means that you are only paying pennies per track verses what you would pay if you were to try and get this product from ANY of the available retail channels… if it were even available there.

Perhaps more importantly, by purchasing the “Mandown-IP Catalog” you’d be helping support the recording and release of future MilliUp Music albums and tours.

Here is a recap of what you will get if you purchase the “ManDown-IP Catalog”:

If you are a fan of our music and the MilliUp! brand, and you would like to help support us and continue to watch us grow while getting one heck of a deal, then rest assured that this is an opportunity to stock up on some VERY SPECIAL content at a price that you will probably never see again.

So if you’d like to gain access to over 200 songs, videos, interviews, photos, and a whole lot more… click the order button you see below.



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