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MilliUp! 2pc Swimsuit


Enjoy wearing this incredibly designed MilliUp 2pc Swimsuit that allows for all the attention to focus on you, your beauty, and your curves all while you relax in the summer sun! The MilliUp 2pc
Swimsuit is a set design. There are 2 MilliUp logos on the swimsuit, one on the left side of the chest and the other centered on the front of the bottoms. The back of the MilliUp 2pc Swimsuit is 3/4 full on the bottom backside and string tied at the top. The bottom of the swimsuit is tied at the sides.


The MilliUp 2pc Swimsuit is a MUST HAVE for all ladies who enjoy relaxation by the pool or tanning in the sun at the beach! The MilliUp 2pc Swimsuit comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, & large.


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