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Money Boy from Baton Rouge

There is a hot new artist on the scene, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana,  Money Boy is one of multiple talented artist signed under the indie label, One Life Entertainment Music Group.

It was clear to Money Boy, from a very early age that music would be his life. He got started in music when he was only eleven years old, an age when most little boys are playing tag or cowboys and Indians and have no real certainty of what their future may hold. This was not the case for Money Boy, even at the of eleven he had his mind set that music would be his life.

He believes to make it in this industry, the most important thing is to be yourself and not let the industry change who you are. You can hear his passion in his lyrics.

Money Boy attributes some of his own perseverance and dedication to someone in the industry whom he looks up to, the one and only Dr. Dre. Money Boy is one artist that you definitely want to keep an eye on, it you haven’t yet heard of Money Boy, be sure to check him out, he is definitely a diamond in the rough. Be sure to check hm out on social media through the links below. You won’t be disappointed.



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