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Things To Consider As An Independent Musician

When was the last time you downloaded music from a new unsigned artist or even worse bought a CD for that matter, go ahead I’ll wait… most artist won’t buy other artists music and nowadays everyone is inspired to be the next musical superstar! Real quick though ask yourself a few questions like: if you yourself have any legitimate copyrighted and published material, how much time do you spend on developing your talent… or do you feel like you’re as good as it gets, how much do you have invested in your brand… and what is the return income on that investment, who is in charge of your public relations and campaigning, where/when/how do you promote, what is your social media and networking status looking like these days? There are many questions like these that we must help eachother find the answers to as musicians… WORLDWIDE! Looking out of my particular window I have noticed that the music industry is now like running for president of the United States! Everyone who wants to get in this business needs a strong campaign and few have what it takes financially to keep up with the big boys. Still tho, with weapons at our disposal like; digital media outlets and digital distribution and the right marketing and PAID advertising and PR and promotional products and bank accounts mostly among other things LIKE (((((PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT)))) GOOD PROFESSIONAL MUSIC there is hope… no, let me rephrase… making a living at home from writing and recording music can be done. This article has a few questions about what you should be asking yourself to move on to the next stage, I will check in with you all later, looking forward to hearing from you.

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