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Welcome to MilliUp!dotcom!


MilliUp!dotcom is “The Blog Of The MilliUp LLC Hip-Hop Powerhouse”.

At MilliUp!dotcom! we have the groundbreaking MilliUp Blog where we offer entrepreneurs and entertainers a place unlike any other to be seen and heard.

Our fans and visitors will enjoy extravagant “behind the scenes” of a days work at MilliUp Photos, the exclusive MilliUp Store where we offer our highlighted MilliUp artists’ newest project, and much much more!

Brand yourself as one of us with opportunities to purchase our MilliMerch!

Check out the gorgeous MilliUp Models!

Browse through MilliUp Music where you can read up on the profiles of our artists, producers, and even watch some music videos.

Because we know what it is like to be independent in the music industry, we also know how to reach and give others opportunities using our platform.
Let us help you build and grow your brand with the MilliServices that we offer.

Keep up with every major move MilliUp LLC will make as you read our timeline called the MilliUpdates, a “Blue-Print” to our journey if you will.

Is your career or job title and duties in ANYWAY associated with the career of an entertainer? Even if you aim to clean celebrity pools for a living and are looking for some extra notoriety to build your clientele you can join The E.B.E. LIST, our exclusive MEMBERS ONLY via MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION network of entrepreneurs and entertainers.

We use our comment sections by “Disqus” below each available page and article for opinions and good ole gossip!

Experiences like these are what makes this site unique.


MilliUp LLC text logo“Get your millions up!” Enjoy the site y’all!

– Carolina George Founder/CEO

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Carolina George

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