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Welcome back, everyone!!! In case you are new to the “Artist Spotlight Corner” this is where we turn up the stage lights on rising artists creating their own buzz and catching eyes and ears on the Indie Music scene. First and foremost, we appreciate your support for the column and the support for the artists paving their way.



We’ve had the pleasure of covering quite a few fantastic artists this week thanks to the “The Lions & Teddy Bears Tour”, one of which is a new artist to the 4DK collective named Akashaane. I’m not going to lie to all of you, he was so quiet and mild-mannered that I honestly didn’t know what to expect when he hit the stage. Well, I’m here to tell you he fell in line with the other performers on the ticket. If I had to compare, I would say his sound reminds me of a Juice World & Travis Scott cocktail-type mix. Considering one of his musical influences is Juice World, I’d give him a 3 out of 5 on encapsulating the same type of sound. Being that he was a fresh face in the crowd, you can only imagine the crowd was glued to him during his performance. So… without further procrastination let’s do a little “Get to Know” on Akashaane.


Akashaane is what we would call Carolina bred as he is a North Carolina native with professional influences from artists like Kanye and J Cole. While he seems to have pride for his city of Burlington, he does mention the lack of opportunity to make any noise there pushed him to Greensboro, NC to pursue his passion for music. After seeing him in action at the LTBT24 Meet & Greet, I had to know how he prepared to hit the stage and mesmerize his crowd. His pre-performance ritual is not too complex, revealing that he practices his lyrics, listens to his performance tracks for about 24 hrs., and keeps God first in prayer before every performance. I encourage you all to tap in with his music & socials and take an even Deeper Dive into NC artist Akashaane.



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