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Welcome back, everyone!!! In case you are new to the “Spotlight Corner” this is where we turn up the stage lights on rising artists creating their own noise and catching eyes and ears on the Indie Music scene. First and foremost, we appreciate your support for the column and the support for the artists paving their way independently. Be sure to get tickets for “The Lion & Teddy Bear Tour 2024!


I personally met B4Real a little over a year ago, at a Pressure Promotion event in Greensboro, NC, and let me tell you, she was a joy to watch and certainly left a lasting impression on the crowd, and that is not just my opinion. Captivating the audience with her high energy, crowd engagement, and raw female sound seems to have intrigued many major platforms and she has been invited for the last couple of years for SXSW in Texas. Recently, she snagged a spot on the “Lion & Teddy Bear Tour 2024” where she opened the show for Leo Legend & BcBigClay along with a small host of other artists and my girl did not disappoint! I know, I know, enough of me fawning over her talent as an artist because your begging question so far is… Who is B4Real?

Hailing from Danville VA, with musical influences like Mos Def, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil’ Kim; B4Real has broken out in the NC Indie Music Scene. She states that while VA is home, one of the challenges of pursuing music in her city is the best shows and opportunities are usually a distance away and requires a lot of travel, but she embraces it. Developing herself as an artist from a child by rapping over “The Carter 3” a release from one of her musical influences Li’ Wayne, she has known from a jit that she was destined for the stage and big lights! Make sure you guys check out her music on all platforms and engage her socials!


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