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“Ballin” By ZaeGeek

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Eddie Clark

Feel good music


Thanks I have a mixtape I’m dropping if you want to take a listen to that as well. It will be out this Sunday check me out and shoot me some music I will listen.


Shout to Carolina George for putting this out to all the old and new fans of me and my music this is a single off of my up coming mixtape dropping dec 11th named “Mind of a Spitter” also on iTunes Spotify and all your streaming sites. It’s a song about basketball which is my first love. This song is just my journey that I had to go through with basketball, to girls, and the streets and what I learned all compiled into one song that I tried to get on nba 2k17 but unfortunately I submitted it to late, but I think if they would of heard the track it would of been on the game. Much more to come. Just so you know Ima artist and I want to get better at my craft so as you listen positive criticism is welcome. Anything that would get better as an artist I welcome and hope you become a fan of you not already. Thanks again and Philly what up I’m out and shout out to all the other artist in the city doing their thing. Keep working we all gonna be on soon.


Carolina George


Carolina George

This song has a cool vibe to it… tell us a little bit about the record @ZaeGeek

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