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BDL4LIFE Ent & Magazine is proud to announce “Louibett” as the Miami Top Indie Showcase 2018 Grand Prize Winner! The Miami Showcase was held at Heads-or-Tails, a gentlemen’s club in Hialeah, FL on May 24th Memorial Day Weekend. Louibett competed against 9 other artist in the event. The genre of music performed ranged from hip-hop to reggaton. Louiibett brought the most excitement and energy, which was what Judges: Trop Da Vinci, MMG Producer/Engineer, Chico Star, head BDL4Life Producer, and Bubblez Renee, a model/entrepreneur were all looking for in the winner for the BDL4Life Ent & Magazine showcase event! Special Guest Included: Mimi Monroe, Model, Young Flock, Baby Gang Ent & Convict Music Artist, Hollywood Angel, Editor-in-Chief of BDL4Life Magazine, & Black Ice BDL, CEO of BDL4Life Ent! It was a spectacular night and all the entertainers and audience had an amazing night.

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Instagram: @officiallouiibett
Twitter: @Louiibett


What can I say… it wasn’t easy growin up. From seeing people rob others, people shooting others and each other, even people jumping other individuals. Seeing my parents break up for good became one of my families biggest struggles. It all started in Allapattah when I was just a kid hanging in Melrose. My brother and sister were already adapting to the environment and so was I. Being petty and stealing soda cans and chips from the store, who would of ever thought it would of got bigger. My whole family got into this big ass fight at one point that made everybody go there separate ways. Cousins fighting uncles, and unties fighting my other unties. It was a disaster . Once my mom and dad broke up after the big fight they had , my sister, brother, mother, and I slept in a car for a couple of days until my uncle Walter let us into his house in carol city. Rough times, but the best times of my life . There was 10 people in one household, so you can imagine the tight space we had and all the times we bumped heads. Crazy thing about it all was that our neighbors were blood members . That’s when my brother started gettin on that tip because we really didn’t have much anymore . He started doin what he had to do to put food in our stomach when we didn’t have anything to eat . I looked at him like a father . Living in carol city built me to be stronger and wiser at a young age going through and seeing a lot of things I shouldn’t have had to witness. But once my mom met my step dad things turned around . We packed our stuff and headed to coral gables where my step dad lived. It was a big ass home that rented out rooms to random people. My mom and step dad had a room to themselves, my brother, sister and I had this one room all the way in the back . If I remember correctly it was Separated from the house. It got to a point where they left a notice on the door where everybody got kicked out and had a certain amount of time to find a new home. Luckily things were gettin better and we ended up finding a place. That’s when my dad started to come back into the picture. He said he wanted to be there for us but really never showed us he cared . Times he said he was coming to pick me up and never showed up . Not answer my calls when I needed him , to having me walk cuz he was “busy “ . I never let it get to me though because of all the love my friends showed me . All the things I been through and done … it wasn’t easy trying to break me. My brother was in and out of jail until the busted him and now he’s serving 20 years for a snitch . My sister ended up moving to Tampa, so I was really on my own now . That’s why I love music . It helps me find myself And keeps my mind positive. If it wasn’t for music I don’t know what I’ll be doing to be honest, but I know one thing… I WIll NEVER LOSE.

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