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Business Owners & Bad Credit

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Money, yes that is what I’m talking about today, it doesn’t matter what you call it, one thing we know for certain is that Business Owners can spin their wheels trying to get funding. Even more so since Covid. If you are a business owner with bad credit and need fast funding, you have found the right place.

This is just a little insight on the best steps to follow if you, as a business owner find yourself in need of a loan. The first thing to consider is what are the funds going to be used for? The next thing is how much and how fast  do you need it? Once these three questions are answered it makes it easier to determine which direction you want to go for funding.

With  traditional small business loans even with perfect credit, in the best possible scenario you are still looking at a minimum of 60-90 days to receive the funds. They may require collateral or just cause delays with accomplishing your goals. This is where you might want to think of an alternative to traditional loans. If your business has consistent revenue, but you lack the credit score that traditional banks require, you still have options.

Think of it this way, would it be worth it to you, to pay a little higher interest and have the ability to get up to 25K deposited into your account within twenty four hours? Complete a simple one page application, provide a couple of documents then receive the offer. If you accept the terms, then you can have your funds deposited as soon as the next business day. This is the beauty of the product that I am talking about today. The best part is they don’t require collateral or a perfect credit score.

These types of loans are called MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) these are an alternative to the traditional bank loans, yes you will pay a higher interest, but these are set up to be repaid quicker than traditional loans. What if you need more than 25K? Well I can help you with that too, but your monthly revenue will determine the amount that you are approved for. The best part is that these do not affect your credit. I am going to list the minimum requirements for the 25K in 24 hours below and the link to apply if you need funding fast. Thank you for taking time to read and hopefully this has given you a little insight for your business funding needs.

Minimum requirements are 6 months in business, business bank account, 500 Credit Score and a minimum of $5K in monthly revenue. Please note, your business bank account must reflect your monthly transactions to be approved. Now go get the funding you need.

Same Day Funding

Business Owner Funding

For information or to apply for you 25K today please visit   http://www.mybusinessfunding.com






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