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This artist/actor/author is definitely one of a kind, a very humble man who loves every minute that he spends with his beautiful little girl, Miracle!  It’s not until after the bedtime story, this true entrepreneur gets his grind on. Cedric Logan a.k.a. C.X.L., is the man I am referring to. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting this young man a few months ago through a mutual friend and honestly, he is truly an inspiration. He is also the author of the book “The Future Miracle of Yesterday”, which was written for his lovely daughter.


C.X.L. was born and spent his early childhood in Germany, then when he was 3 years old he moved to Warner Robbins, Georgia where he now resides, raising his young daughter. While juggling so many other projects that he has going on it’s hard to believe how he makes time to not only start so many projects, he finishes them! He told me that since he was 6 years old he has loved entertaining people, with his acting as well as music and performing. He felt compelled to reach out to people and become an example for future generations. When I say he is an entrepreneur, I mean it in every sense of the word. Not only did he just finish his EP entitled Logan Legacy, which will be available 11/09/18 on all major digital platforms (Itunes, Spotify etc), you can also catch him in the short film entitled “The Come Back”, which has been published on YouTube, so check him out.

C.X.L.’s music is definitely versatile, making music for the masses, if you feel like a love song or feel like getting crunk, you can definitely find a song to fit your mood. C.X.L. said that he would love to collaborate with Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, Migos, just to name a few; however, he’s truly down to collaborate with anyone that has a dream of doing this and has the same passion for their craft. To learn more about this entrepreneur all you have to do is Google him because you can find him very easily, or you can also follow him on any of his social media links listed below. While all of us who have kids know how they go through phases of loving super hero’s, C.X.L. will most definitely be the super hero of that precious little Miracle’s world for years to come! Be sure to check C.X.L. out through the links below!




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