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The Riddler named Humble G Tha Fiddla

Have you ever heard the riddle, of Humble G Tha Fiddla? Is everyone so focused on the lifestyle, the bad women, the diamonds, and “the bag” itself that we all forget about the beauty of our culture… the music!

Art is, has been, and always will be at the very heart of life. Music is always going to be at the very heart of art!

One person, artist Humble G Tha Fiddla, sees this and had the chance to grasp it as a young musician.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio as a young “Humble Guy”, Myles Smith was introduced to music at the Cleveland School of the Arts and fell in love with the sounds and motion of playing the violin, later on in life he would learn to master the craft and insert songwriting and production primarily from the Hip Hop genre into his arsenal. This combined skillset has led to a music career full of electric and powerful-star studded performances which as either in honor of or featured the likes of celebrities and political figures from big names like Al Sharpton, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Congress woman Maxine Waters, Bun B, Biz Markie, and many many more. These performances have inspired many young people to start to understand what music REALLY is… passion, art, culture, tradition, and finally a business!

“I MAKE MUSIC FOR THE WORLD TO CONNECT IN A WAY THAT FEELS UNIVERSAL” is the statement that Humble G wants to get across as his own. The message we pick up from his content and purpose is to remind our youth that although all music composition isn’t for everyone, every musical instrument was made for every composer, find your lane and own it but dont be afraid to be original… based on the grind we see from tha fiddla and the change we know his music can bring to the hiphop/rap world he definitely deserves the prominent #MilliUp stamp! Humble G Tha Fiddla is a great musician, and a possible icon, but certainly a good role model for young musicians and for his efforts and influence to our culture he has been featured on your favorite site (yeah I know lol). There is so much success in front of this artist #StayUpStayGrindN Humble G Tha Fiddla!

Check him out in action and decide for yourself.

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