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Can’t Deny Can’t Be Touched

The streets respect loyalty and loyalty demands respect! Bobby Dollaz of the CBT (Can’t Be Touched) camp knows all too well about the laws that govern the street life.

CBT is a brand, a label, and a clothing design company on a major come up as far as the ENTIRE EAST COAST is concerned but ask anyone from the CBT camp and they will tell you that “CBT is global, CBT is the world” and as far as CBT is concerned “Loyalty Is Everything”!

CBT (Can’t Be Touched) is a slogan that was created by the rapper/entrepreneur Bobby Cbt Dollaz, it stands for being the best at whatever you do to the point you know that you seriously GOT THE JUICE and ultimately Can’t Be Touched!


I have had the privilege to catch up with the manager of the CBT brand Ernest “Esco” Nixon to get a quick bio of Bobby Dollaz added to the site, check it out… Born in North Philly raised in Wilmington NC, Bobby Dollaz hails from the best (and worst) of both worlds. As a young kid growin up in two of the roughest cities he turned to the streets early. His experiences from the street, as well as both of his regions have a heavy influence in his music. Having both a witty lyrical ability with rapid fire delivery and a down south “turn up” flow, Bobby Dollaz recalls his trap life in a way. After a recent release from federal prison for drug trafficking, Bobby Dollaz decided to take his “second chance at life” serious and go full force with his music career. His first mixtape, since his release, titled “The Realest Back” was a gritty compilation of street stories lined heavy with punchlines yet real experience. He launched a clothing line “CBT” which carries the acronym for his company (co-owned by his brother and closest friend) Can’t Be Touched. His new mixtape “No Brakes, No Breaks” (an ode to his work ethic) has a different approach. With a variety of music from trap music, real life experiences to catchy club tunes this project is industry ready. But is the industry ready for it!?

As a fan of Bobby Dollaz I can tell you first hand how influential his lyrics are and having met him in person I can also  tell you first hand that the guy moves with intent!
The most impressive thing about CBT outside of the music from Mr. Dollaz himself is the movement of the CBT brand and clothing line. The rugged design of the CBT logo is unique in that it caters to the streets while still allowing the flash of an urban look and feel… your entire city will vouch that YOU CAN DEFINITELY BE FRESH AS FUCK IN THIS APPAREL!

2016-04-21 22.38.07

Coming from the streets, Bobby Dollaz and the CBT camp also understand that it is vital as public figures to help out your local community in time of need or even want, and they get a lot of respect from MilliUp LLC for that!

His name is Bobby Dollaz dont even look at him if your cause ain’t lucrative! Special shout out to Shiz CBT Manning!
Loyalty means everything! CBT is the move, CBT is the brand, CBT is the World!

Catch up with everything CBT on these links:



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