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Doc-King Music..the musician and so much more.



Doc-King is what you would classify as a true entertainer. Starting from a very young age, he wanted to play and have everyone sing along.  His one true obsession is music. If his name is unfamiliar to you, that’s because it was only after sharing the stage with some of the all time greats, like Bryan Adams, Edgar Winter, Slash, Molly Hatchet (rev.), Marshal Tucker, and many more magical performers that drove him to continue his pursuit of perfecting his Front man performance.

You can count on Doc-King to continue giving his entire soul, whether it’s for 1 person or 50,000. Doc truly believes it’s been a team of people who believe in him and have encouraged his success by, pushing him. He stated “this has been a blessing that any musician dreams of”. He credits Tom Thompson, Doug Shultz, Michael Mitchell, and John Cheek, stating they all put their efforts in and never once asked him for anything except that he would persevere. Rusty King pushed the hardest, listening to the trials and tribulations of my song writing and inspiring me to continue on this unforgiving journey with joy in my heart and focus in my mind. . Serving our country as a US Marine, helped me understand how to adapt and persevere in an unforgiving industry.

Keep up with all the latest news from Doc-King at the links below.

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