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El-Amin Atlanta’s Newest Hot Artist

El-Amin means trustworthy and I can honestly say this artist is just that. Although he’s fairly new to the scene he’s making leaps and bounds in the industry. From being approved for syndicated fm radio on the first song he sent me, to being approved for major distribution he’s managed all of this while enduring two surgeries and by not being able to walk for the last 5 months. Yes he stays positive and is eager to get on stage. El-Amin’s versatility as a singer to rapper is very impressive, not often do you come across an artist who’s ability to control their voice to this magnitude. El-Almin’s single “Demonstrate Love” has recently been released across all major digital platforms. This is definitely an artist you wanna keep an eye on. El-Amin recently signed a Global Distribution/Publishing and Synchronization Deal with VeGa Jam Records of Atlanta, GA. Check out El-Amin on social media and his music on ITunes, Google Play, Spotify and More!



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