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Brian Tyrie

“ENTER THE CHAMBERS” vol 1 prod Brian Tyrie @BeatsTyrie

Creating momentum by way of brand appeal. Digital marketer, music producer and entrepreneur Brian Tyrie represents Sicker Than Most bringing sound to the public. Brian Tyrie is actively promoting artists to countless independent music publications, internet radio stations with marketing strategies to create fanbases and revenue. 

ENTER THE CHAMBERS Vol 1 is the latest release from Brian Tyrie @BeatsTyrie and the name gives a great description of what is packaged inside! An apparent influence from the new Hulu “Wu Tang” series, Brian Tyrie puts his best work forward in homage to the hip hop legends.


Born in 1986, Brian Tyrie had an affinity and introduction to hip hop at an early age. Ironically, Wu Tang Clan was one of the first hip hop tapes that Brian Tyrie had access as a youth. Years later the opportunity arises and could not be ignored. #ETC1 ENTER THE CHAMBERS!!! Check out some of the more dark things @BeatsTyrie has cooking up on his YouTube Channel below!

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