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Facebook and Instagram are Down?! Why?

OH no the impossible has happened, Facebook & Instagram are down. Nothing like being in the middle of a heated debate and you get a red exclamation point saying “unable to post”. According to a simple Google search it appears that this is not just a ploy against preventing me from speaking my mind but its a ploy against many users across the world. In an attempt to make sure I wasn’t hacked, reported or just booted off of the app for my compassionate political views I logged out of the app and attempted to log back in. Below is a screen shot of the error message I received. The message read “Facebook Will Be back Up Soon.. Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few hours.” What;s weird about this message is its different from many other messages users have received and also the word “should”. While surfing the web I saw many different error messages. I must say that news feeds are full with their discuss in regards to the inequalities shown in the U.S. when it comes to certain celebrities not being given the same attention as others, there has been a well awaited uprising that can be seen by anyone who logs onto the app. From R-Kelly to Hugh Hefner and Michael Jackson to Catholic Priest. One person went on to say when you start targeting Elvis, it has gone to far filled with sarcasm. Why is Facebook really down? Will it come back up? Is this the end of Facebook Social Media? I personally don’t think so but I do feel like this is not routine maintenance more so than damage control. Hopefully this is the end of a short lived social media app.

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