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There is also the MilliScrolls VideoMix “CHAMPIONS LEAGUE” where we offer independent artists opportunities to generate income from their own hard earned money by submitting to the MilliScrolls VideoMix and then registering for their chance to win CASH PRIZES based on the experience and expectations they have in their videos.

Here are the specs on that:



The set up is the same as the original MilliScrolls VideoMix, but the difference is there is a voting process done on Twitter and polls from the article itself.

Are you interested or know someone who might be? If so feel free to contact us at info@milliup.com & be sure to use “The MSVM Champions League” as your subject

P.S. There will also be room for $200 paid advertising on each article!

Once again, this has never been done to this degree before and here is exactly what you would get in return for your investment:

Here’s exactly what you get:

A free interview questionaire posted to the MilliUp!dotcom! blog to generate awareness of your brand as content to assure placement as we find other contestants (FULL MONEY BACK GARAUNTEE AS LONG AS YOU REQUEST YOUR FUNDS BEFORE THE “MilliScrolls VideoMix Champions League” ARTICLE EDITION THAT YOU SUBMITTED FOR IS PUBLISHED!!!)

Video placement on the www.milliup.com blogsite and shout out from the guest DJ on their introduction video drop, celebrity guest connection to your name via the article tagline, exposure to over 30,000+ milliup social network readers on over 10 different social media platforms, and networking with every other artists’ fanbase whose also on the article because everyone will be sharing the same post!


Champions League Pools