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Born Jamar Waters on September 27th, Atlanta based rapper has been through his share of setbacks and disappointments! As a result, he ended up being a felon and had to discharge from the U.S Army.

Through it all, instead of dwelling on his past mistakes he has turned them into lessons-learned. He is willing to tell his story to anyone that is open to listen.
Ramaj, which is Jamar spelled backwards, is a young musical artist, Aids-awareness activist, and motivational speaker.
His upcoming project, Mount Ramaj speaks to the masses as he focuses on real-life issues as well as enjoying life. He is not just another rapper with nothing to say, but he uses his album as another avenue to raise awareness about HIV, safe sex, and learning from one’s mistakes.
Mount Ramaj features tracks such as Limelight, Poppin’ bottles all night, and Roll one up, which are all fun-filled club bangers that will have the listener feeling like every day is a Friday.

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