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Brian Tyrie


Las Vegas has another anthem to put Nevada on the map, thanks to Jamel Deon. “Just Another Intro” Official Music Video has been circulating the web and the Hustle With Me EP is busting with more gems so check this out.

Entrepreneurs everywhere are bumping “Just Another Intro” to get charged up for the long days getting paid. Inspiring music that reminds you of the tasks at hand and most importantly WHY… Why you get out of bed every day to run it up. Loved ones, trials and tribulations that have put us behind or because you have the passion to change an industry for the best. Evolution and change is the only constant in the digital world we live in. Represent your hood and support the community, while we build to establish a prominent future. Focus, determination and executing a well thought plan is how you can get yourself away from the dead end street life. If you agree with that message read how you can support.

Hustle With Me or HWM Clothing by Jamel Deon is more than just a brand but a lifestyle, inspiring a legal hustle. Check out the “If You Ain’t A Hustler, Just Say That!” T Shirt to support and represent the movement.


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Milliup LLC

Good job on the write up too

Milliup LLC

I wanna hear this song in rotation on MilliUp Radio.

Milliup LLC

Thus beat hard af and I definitely fix w the message.

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