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Maintaining Mansions

How are you liking that dope mansion you are staying in? Yes. YOU! The fenced backyard, the wrap around front porch, the marble floors around the downstairs kitchen where the crystal chandelier hangs, or what about the 80 inch TV prompt up in your living room as you kick back and relax on your full size sectional with your favorite expensive glass of wine within your reach. Life is perfect. Your mansion is just as you imagined as you look around. I am sure, just like me, you have not gotten there YET, but it is on the way. As you look around right now, you may see just your apartment home instead of the fly mansion you see yourself in. However, you are really already there, just look through different eyes…

We are each on our own personal roads of acquiring every piece of life we imagine to have. The fly crib, the dream car, the lucrative job promotion, and the successful business that is bringing in more income that you would have ever thought, is already right beneath your wings. Maybe not literally, but as of now, you’ve got what you got and that’s more than what you may have had. We will all get to those mansions one day, but until then, I would hope that we get into the habit of acting as if we already have those fabulous things we have our hearts set on.

Maintaining Mansions is all about already having the attitude that we have those nice things that we want. Granted, you may only have a small one bedroom apartment right now, but treat that one bedroom apartment as if it is a palace. If we wish to elevate our lives, we must act like we already have. Yes, you may still be pushing the ‘03 Honda and it may knock a little, but treat it as if it is the all Black Range Rover with the black rims and black leather interior (that’s my dream car yall, WAIT ON IT IT’S COMING lol). Keep it clean, keep the seats vacuumed, and the windows shining. As far as your small business, yes as of right now you may only be receiving 2-20 orders a month, but treat those orders as if it were 200 orders a month. Market your business as if it is a multi-million dollar company, because one day it will be. In regards to your music, you may only have 100 streams a song, if that! But record and post your songs as if you have streams of 100 million. Promote yourself and your music as if you have hundreds of fans to satisfy, because one day you will. That annoying 9 to 5 you work? Have the work ethic as if you are the boss, making the enormous yearly salary with an additional bonus. You never know, one day you could be. 

We have to get into the habit of being good stewards over what we have right now. How can we expect more to come our way, when we treat what we have now as if it is nothing? We go to work and do a half job, but want the promotion. We won’t even keep up the oil changes on our cars, but want the dream car. I see you haven’t even waxed your floor in the kitchen in weeks, but you keep talking about the 2 story crib you want. How do you want marble floors, but wont keep the tiles you have now clean? You talk about how grand you want your business to be, but do you promote? Do you commit? Do you give your absolute best with the few orders you do receive? One day those 12 orders will be 1,200, so act like it now. With your music, record as if you are signed with one of the greatest labels in the nation. If we begin to work and act as if we are already where we see ourselves, the journey will be that much more satisfying. I also personally believe that the universe has a funny way of working, so if you already give your best in what you have right now, the best is only yet to come.

As far as me, I am happy if only 10 of you read these blogs and soak up some good knowledge. However, I write as if I am reaching 10 million, because one day I WILL BE. Start being better stewards of what you have right now. Begin to live your life in a way that reflects what you see your life as being down the line. Maintain the mansion you are in right here, right now, at this very moment, and watch how you manifest that very mansion you wish to be in one day.

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Definitely somethings to put effort towards! Great read @Dejavu

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