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“Midnight Passenger” By KST

KST, short for Kev Speak’s Truth is a young talented artist born in New York and raised in the Sunshine State of Florida. At the age of 9, Kev’s mother decided she wanted a better way of life for him and his little brother, so she re-located the family to Florida. This not only changed Kev’s perpestive on life and the man he would become, but his entire music culture and the current sounds that project through his art! KST music is a hybrid of Indie/R&B/Hip-Hop and just enough soul and funk to get you up and dancing! Kev is all about making music that makes your body want to move. He has been interested in music since a young boy, and started his writing journey as an artist, while growing up in New York. The big city afforded him the opportunity to be surrounded around inspirational people, art and a leading culture in the USA. As a kid, he loved the change of season, fashion, and just the sounds of late night atmosphere. Kev has created his own genre out of NY & FLA called “Vibe N’ Bass” or V&B. Kev hopes to use his music to change the lives of people. He has seen first-hand how the negative effects of drugs, guns, and bad decisions leave families empty, scarred, and broken. He is here to bare his truth in its entirety through his music, in hopes that it can help save lives and inspire others to become better!

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1. Midnight Passenger

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The Truth Within Music

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