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Saving Faces… with Savin Face!


There really isn’t much of anything that an entertaining act (stage or screen) can accomplish in the entertainment industry without the right make up artist, ESPECIALLY WOMEN.

In entertainment, be it screen or stage, the need for a professional MUA (Make-Up Artist) is just as strong as any other. The MUA is responsible for the look that draws the fan into the personal image of the entertainer after that big emotional smile or note, aka “the selling point”!

Fans want to see the person that they have this emotional connection to look their best!

Aunetra Hill, Founder/CEO of Savin Face Makeup Artistry, is a professional make-up artist who understands just how important the art of make-up is to an image. Whether its the face of a famous tv personality, the most beautiful brides, or just a canvas referred to in this instance as a face.

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There is a lot that can be said for the MUA profession, these words sound best coming from a MUA more than anyone else so I caught up with “THE MUA” Aunetra Hill, let’s let her tell her story of the profession and what she believes that other MUAs just might want to know;
“I remember when I had to wonder what I would be doing on the weekends and most weekdays, now my clients keep me very busy. I have always loved makeup! As soon as I got a chance to wear it, I did! I would always get compliments on my makeup and I was asked had I ever thought of doing makeup full time, this was in 2007. I really didn’t think there was money in being a makeup artist but doing my research on a career as a makeup artist showed me the avenues you can take being an artist. I started with Mary Kay and branched off to use other brands. As a professional artist, I have been blessed to be of service to Dorien Wilson, Laura Hayes, Local New Anchor Tracey McCain-Barbee, Bernadette Stanis, Terrence J, Gospel recording artist Anaysha Figueroa-Cooper and Maurette Brown Clark. I am looking to become a “Celebrity Makeup Artist” and create my own line of makeup to use in my own location. I hear so many times from clients that they are not able to find the right shade and they want to learn…
collage_20160330200036715_20160330200049675My advice to upcoming MUA’s is to practice, practice, practice……….and understand that this is your own art! As an artist, make it your own, don’t get caught up in the way it’s taught on YouTube. What works for one person may not work on the next. Be professional, on-time, listen to your clients and study their skin before applying makeup. There is so much to learn regarding makeup and many avenues to take in the makeup industry. Learn color correction, It’s a must.”

Savin Face Makeup Artistry is a Greensboro, NC based business and Aunetra Hill is it’s heart and soul! The company specializes in make-up artistry for weddings, beauty, commercial and film.

Check out the website!

Let Savin Face save your face next!
Contact information:
Name – Aunetra Hill
Business – Savin Face Makeup Artistry
Years in the business – 9 – willing to travel
Telephone – 336-543-4649
To book appointments = www.styleseat.com/aunetrahill
Social Media – https://www.facebook.com/SavingFaceMakeupEyeArt/

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