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Skeeming with Skeem Beatz

Everyone needs a starting point and most artists fail to realize that the best starting point is with an internet radio station.

Internet radio is an easy gateway to submit your music and gain recognition outside of your normal area or region.

Streets D Radio is a good place for independent artists to start because their staff understands the struggle and yet need for independent artists to reach out to radio as a gateway to be heard.


Skeem Beatz is a radio personality on Streets D Radio and has his own program that he runs on the station called Skeem Beatz Radio.

I had a chance to catch up with my man Skeem Beatz while he was at his best during a call in interview where he participated as DJ and personality, I must admit… THIS GUY IS A PROFESSIONAL! I was blown away by the way Skeem Beatz conducted his interview with me, his questions were extremely important to help build my fanbase and allowed me to focus on my purpose as both artist and MilliUp CEO, I mean the questions were extremely crisp and to the point… this interview made me feel like I was extremely grateful for the opportunity!

Listen for yourself…


Kenneth Stout aka Skeem Beatz is a veteran in the music industry and conveys himself as such here’s a quick bio about Mr Skeem Beatz:

“A lil something about me is that I have been doing something with the entertainment industry all of my life I come from the days of the two turntables and a microphone era ! I’ve dj and produced with many artist from past and present in the underground scene , been in the field before I went back to the classroom. I’m a license producer and audio engineer and I worked with streetsd.com for five years now I have watched it grow like the power house it’s going to be and I’m proud to be apart of it as we expand our horizons! The Skeembeatzradio show is about helping Indy artist take it too the next level with networking interviews parties and shows and now coming soon skeembeatztv!”


The station is Streets D Radio, the show is called Skeem Beatz Radio, and the man with the plans named Skeem Beatz!

Check out Skeem as he does his thing on these sites:

StreetsD Radio



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