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K.Dee Livingston

Whats Really Going On? (part 1) Podcast: “Conversation with The “Blacksmith” BY:Kaydee Livingston

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The Space Between Here And There

“ Sometimes knowing nothing , is better than knowing it all”
What is “the knowing”? Have you heard of it? Or, upon reading that, do you suddenly feel as though you have some idea as to what I am talking about? 

If so, you aren’t alone. I have had several encounters with an array of different individuals , explain to me stories of human trafficking , snuff films , young girls being bought and sold while other young girls lure  them in and seem to be in love with their captors. Right here in our small town. Two girls just recently were found caged in a man’s basement.
A man I met before & is a little to close to home. I have been told to look away to stop asking questions because I am going to get hurt but , I am now, at liberty, I feel , to uncover the truth. A truth that may do anything but put ones mind at ease. This is an unedited & unscripted podcast, that was done purely due to the nature of the conversation. With a very dear friend of mine, $ no different than any of our other ones we share.
Once you have experienced “the knowing”, you will always experience it. And , it’s caused me to look indirectly at life ever since. Trust me , its better that way.( please excuse the roughness of the podcast, again, it wasn’t planned, however it needed to be heard) This is Part 1. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the next of a multi-cast series. And please share any experiences you may have had, as it will be used for future content…(the topics discussed are purely thoughts, and theories, some personal , some not. But they are real. And not necessarily untrue. Judgements can & should be kept to yourself, and just rest assure that it just means, you don’t “know” yet. And sometimes knowing nothing , is better than knowing it all. Click the link below to listen to part.
“The space between here and there.”


question="What are your thoughts? have any of you had any experiences you'd like to share with me about what a lot of people have been referring to as "the Knowing"? Comment and let me know, it could be used for a Documentary I'll be doing this summer! " opened="1"]

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