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Check out the new single by the beautiful upcoming artist from the UK… Alisonus.


Swansea which is located on the south coast of Wales, a little village that most of you probably have never heard of, a place that most of us only read about, where you can find miles of beaches covered in golden sand, medieval castles and much more for the family to enjoy. For those who do know this fantasy like village, you may not be aware, it is also the birthplace and hometown of Alison Evans also known as the artist Alisonus. Some of you may recognize her from the group Maiden Voyage; however, now she has ventured out as a solo artist, with the upcoming release of her new single “Never Wanna Say Goodbye”, which will be available across all of the major digital distribution sites soon! Exposed to the music industry at a young age by her father who is also a singer, Alisonus says that she was influenced by many great artist but two of her main influences were those of Celine Dion and Queen.  This lovely lady has everything that it takes to make it in this industry, talent, perseverance but what stood out to me the most is her humility.

You definitely want to keep an eye on this talented beauty I believe she will soon become a force to be reckoned with.  Alisonus also has a Christmas project coming soon, something you definitely do not want to miss. Be sure to follow her on social media with the links below. Alisonus is currently signed to the independent label G.I. Records out of Muncie Indiana.




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