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One of the greatest gifts of life is wisdom acquired from your elders. I urge you all to draw close to your mothers, fathers, grand parents, and any other “seasoned” mentors in your life. The rewards are beyond value as they exude an abundance of light and love to you. Y’all will hear me mention my “Nana” quite often in my articles and presentations. She is my favorite person in the world and she continues to shed wisdom to me, as I also wish to share it with you all as well. You will soon get a sense that she is your very own “Nana” as well. The realist I know, and the real OG. It gets no better than Nana. (And for all of my family and close friends, you know this to be true lol)

In conversation with my Nana this past week, she said to my brother and I, as we discussed our personal plans and expectations for ourselves, something that stood out within the entire conversation…….

“If I go, imma go all the way. See, I aint gn HALF STEP.”

Boyyyy did this convict my “half steppin” spirit. See, like me, a lot of yall been half steppin’. You have been half steppin’ on the job, in your relationships, on your CRAFTS. Although we get tired and frustrated, we have to continue to put our best foot forward. How can you ever expect to reach a new height and really intensify who you are by giving the bare minimum. Half steppin’ will get you just that, half-way there. 

Some you have made the decision to start your business up. Whether it be selling a product or providing a service, don’t half step. Find out and share with the world what you do and stand behind it. Apply for the business grants, build your website, create and actually HAND OUT your business cards. A lot of times we start things, and never finish or truly pursue them. Some of you have decided that you love music and it is your artistic gift to everyone. Even outside of music, many of you possess crafts so great that have the potential to be amazing as long as you prune them. Don’t half step. Pay for that extra hour in the studio. Research and connect with others that can help you perfect what you do. You may even be on a job that you see as just that, a “job”. Even in that , dont half step. Go in every morning with a positive attitude, ready to work at your best. Allow yourself to become such an individual that people love to work with. You will need references one day, leave a positive name for yourself. Some of you may be in romantic relationships that you have become so comfortable in that bare minimum has been fine by you. Don’t half step you or your partner. Keep the same energy you had to get them, in order to keep them and learn to kick it up a notch along the way. 

In everything you do, become a big steppa’. Become a HEAVY steppa’. Just like Nana said, if you go, go all the way. If you plan to start something, go all the way. You owe it to yourself to give your very best. You don’t have the skills, talents, ideas, and gifts you possess for just any reason. It is not by coincidence that you were given an amazing business idea, but look at you, scared to really get going because you are unsure of the results. It is not by chance how musically and artistically talented you are. Be proud to share that with the world. Everything you are, everything you do, is intentional. Big bosses became just that by Big Steppin’. So dont half step, because you’ll only remain half way there.

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K.Dee Livingston

I really enjoyed this read & it’s so true too . Our worst enemies towards achieving nothing short of greatness all the time, are laziness or fear and I don’t think anyone is will achieve or go anywhere without taking that extra step. The unknown is always scary but you have to just say f*it & do it because nobody is going to do it for you. I liked that this made me smile and that it was inspiring. It made me stand a little straighter and stick my chest out a little further that’s for sure. It’s nice to be reminded that there are other people out there willing to work for what they want💪🏼 Keep steppin mama! You’re already seeing the results 😎




There is a lot to take from this, aint no half stepping! I love your writing style!

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