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Carolina George Top 10 & Favorite 10 Carolina Panthers of ALL-TIME

“Let me lead by example bc its obvious yall are confusing your favorite Carolina Panthers with the best but here are my lists!”-Carolina George

(This list is solely the opinion of Carolina George, MilliUp LLC does not necessarily agree or disagree with these opinions, MilliUp LLC is neutral in it’s stance in this matter and is merely providing a platform for these opinions to be heard aloud.)

My FAVORITE 10 Carolina Panthers EVER!

1) Steve Smith

2) Julius Peppers

3) Thomas Davis

4) Cam Newton

5) Luke Kuechly

6) Chris Gamble

7) DeAngelo Williams

8) Mike Minter

9) Greg Olsen

10) Ryan Kalil

My TOP 10 Carolina Panthers

1) Julius Peppers

2) Steve Smith

3) Cam Newton

4) Ryan Kalil

5) Luke Kuechly

6) Jordan Gross

7) Jonathan Stewart

8) Greg Olsen

9) Thomas Davis

10) Kris Jenkins

Top Honorable Mentions THIS LIST IS NOT NUMBERED

(These folks didn’t make the list either because they didn’t play for the Carolina Panthers long enough or they still have much to prove at the time of this publication but they show promise (OTHER THAN “MOOSE” & JOHN KASAY, I JUST COULDN’T SEE MYSELF TAKING ANYONE OFF OF THESE LISTS FOR THEM SMDH… SORRY GUYS THANKS FOR THE TIMES THOUGH, I STILL LOVE YA! LOL))

John Kasay

Sam Mills

Reggie White

Kevin Greene

Josh Norman

Christian McCaffrey

Keyshawn Johnson

Muhsin Muhammad (He Could have made the TOP 10 but Kasay beat him out!)

Stephen Davis

Trai Turner

Mike Tolbert

James Bradberry

Mike Rucker

Kawaan Short

Yo!!! Hope yall enjoyed! Hmu on


Feel free to leave your comment about my selection below though and drop yours while u at it if u dont agree!


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