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Introducing Rhonda Sekhmet Ra!

Introducing Rhonda Sekhmet Ra!

Rhonda Sekhmet Ra is a dynamic spoken word artist focused on spreading a message of truth, justice and empowerment through her spoken word poems. Rhonda Sekhmet Ra was born and raised in the city of Wilmington, NC where she began writing poetry as a child. Poetry was her therapy through her childhood and teenage years as well as college and grad school as she struggled through depression, trauma and internal oppression. She has written hundreds of poems in her lifetime expressing her hidden emotions and lingering thoughts.

For a long time, she rarely ever shared her poetry with others. Upon her arrival to Miami, FL in 2013 she began to share poetry in select poetry circles. In 2014, everything changed when Rhonda went through a mental and spiritual transformation that she calls her “Awakening.” During this time, she began to see racism in a way that she had never seen it before and committed her life to the physical, mental and spiritual liberation of people of African descent. During this time, she began to share her Spoken Word as a means for awakening her people to the truth about racism. Using her education, experience and spiritual guidance, she began to create poems that speak directly to the injustice of racism and oppression. Her poems not only highlight the truth about racism but motivates listeners to feel empowered to change themselves and their society. One of the first poems she wrote after her “Awakening” was “Black is Back” which speaks to various racial injustices such as mass incarceration, slavery, media manipulation, the destruction of black communities and the strategic attack of Black leaders.

Rhonda’s mission now is to use her Spoken Word to inform and inspire as many people as possible. In 2017, Rhonda Sekhmet Ra compiled a series of poems she wrote after her “Awakening” in a poetry chapbook entitled “The Awakening.” This self-published poetry book includes a dozen poems written on her journey through racial consciousness. Included in “The Awakening” are some of her most requested poems such as “Master,” “What Should I Do?” and “Queen” in addition to poems written later on her journey such as “Black Dollar” and “I am A Warrior.” Rhonda has had the opportunity to perform her poetry at various venues on the east coast including those in Miami, Philadelphia, Newark, Atlanta, Upstate NY as well as multiple venues in North Carolina and South Carolina. In 2015, she was named House poet of the popular Open Mic venue “Speak Miami” in South Florida and later moved on to Open Mics in Philadelphia such as “Pecola Breedlove” where she was quickly embraced. She has shared her Spoken Word at a number of cultural events including Juneteenth, Malcolm X Day and various Kwanzaa celebrations. Rhonda Sekhmet Ra uses each opportunity she has to perform to share her message of truth, justice and empowerment through her Spoken Word. She has been called a “Leader”, a “Goddess, a “Queen”, and a “Prophet.” Led by a spiritual motivation for liberation, Rhonda unleashes her soul on the stage when performing pieces she says are inspired by her Ancestors and Divine Consciousness.

Check out Rhonda Sekhmet Ra in action for yourself with her work titled “I Killed A KKK Man” …

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