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Fully Charged

I  have this one really bad habit. One of which I know many of you can relate to. One that really does not work out in my favor most of the time . As I go throughout my day, with so many things to do and a plethora of errands to run, I typically wait until the last minute to charge my phone. I mean, I see the percent decline . Hour by hour I do nothing about it, but it is the last few moments of blinking red that I then rush to a charger . I typically don’t even allow my phone to charge fully, just enough to get me by until I am repeating the process all over again. I’m not sure when’s the last time I have seen this device reading “100%” with a green bar to match. 

When I thought of this in perspective , the question arose in the back of my thoughts. How often are we temporarily recharging ? Regaining energy enough JUST to get by? Because it comes a time where just getting by isn’t good enough. It served zero purpose when we continued to recharge just enough to get out of the “blinking red” stage we are currently in. We will never reach our full potential, our energy being fully restored, our “green bar” reading 100% , with only temporary fixes. 

Temporary fixes are just that, temporary. They do not last long. they do us just enough justice to get by at that very moment. As we hit our “blinking red bar at 5 percent” , we turn to those fixes just enough to get us out of the red. Just enough to get us charged up enough to complete the current task, or to push through the rest of the day. Some of those temporary fixes do us more harm than good. So, This one day, I waited until the last minute to charge my phone. On this particular day when i plugged my phone in, it would not charge! We all know that gut wrenching feeling when your phone will not charge and it is about to die. Now you stressin’, Lawd is it the phone?! I can’t afford a brand new phone! Even with insurance it comes out to like $200. (Not sure what kinda finessing of money those folks do, insurance has got to be a fraud lol). Is it the charger?! Let’s hope it’s the charger, and that is why it wont charge. The charger is way easier to fix than the phone itself. Some of our “chargers” do not charge us at all, or they only charge us temporarily. We start to get low in spirits and we charge up with quick cat naps, energy drinks, a couple shots, drugs, anything to get us temporarily through at that very morning. Do not misunderstand me, what you choose to do in your personal, recreational time is your business. However, remember these things are just that, recreational. Do not allow them to serve a purpose in your life so adamant that they become what you believe are your consistent chargers, because it turns out you won’t become charged at all. 

Thankfully for each of us, it is not the phone that needs to be replaced, it is not ourselves that are potentially broken at the moment. Sometimes all we need to do is get a new charger. Begin to spend more personal time with yourself. Recharging by focusing exclusively on just you. An evening of no work.A day of self pampering. Sometimes the business of life begins to wear our batteries down. We recharge temporarily, but not enough to reach our full “green bar 100%” potential. Take the time out to fully recharge, and not just temporarily with short term benefit. Take that day off. Read a new book. Reflect upon your personal self and those things that kill your battery quicker. Once we take the time out to really get our flow back, we can come up with those new ideas for our businesses. We can fight “Writer’s block” in writing our next personal forms of expression. We can finish that song. We can work those extra hours to be impressionable for that new position we are gunning for. We can always reach our fully charged potential, if we just use the proper sources of energy. 

Funny thing about these devices, they never stay permanently charged. No matter how many times you reach “100 percent”, your battery will always begin to die. In order terms, growth and wisdom is a continuous journey. You will always need to “recharge” by acquiring knowledge, taking care of ourselves, and perfecting our crafts. It is a continuous journey of continuing to make ourselves better and more sustainable, so be sure to use the right chargers. 

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Good word, definitely can’t #MilliUp if you over-exert yourself for temporary fixes.

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