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Hollywood Angel

There is nothing more important to me than being successful in the music business for many reasons but none are more important than leaving a legacy and a business for my family to profit from.

I understand that in this business in order to be successful your grind has to be relentless! In fact,unless you make it as a huge mainstream artist which most more than likely wont its best to learn multiple facets and skills from different fields to be able to contribute to your goals.

I’ve come across many serious contacts on my journey and one crafty business woman that has all the tools to become one of the biggest names in the business is Mrs. Angela “Hollywood Angel” Harris.

As a college graduate with two bachelors degrees (*BS of Science & *BS of Film), Hollywood Angel has shown the necessary focus and versatility that has elevated her career to almost a swiss army knife type of respect. I mean this lady does it all folks!

With experience as a Model, Journalist, Editor, Writer, Director (movies and commercials), Photographer, PR, any many more other skills and talents Mrs. Hollywood Angel is one busy and heavily respected woman. Here is a list of some of her well known accomplishments:

“Journey Magazine, OZONE Magazine as a featured Model, Miami Kustoms Magazine, Flaim Magazine, BTMB Magazine, the FAMUAN and Capital Outlook newspaper. She has worked on music videos with Boyz 2 Men,  Nino Brown, Blood Raw, Rapp Brown, and Swift Slay. She directed: “Acquaintances, My Friend, Whatever,” an HIV/AIDS awareness PSA, and a test commercial for Doritos. Angela has been in front of the camera on many occasions, and one of the movies she played a role in, “Chain Reaction,” featured Rick Ross in character and was directed by MBezzy and filmed by Total Kaos!”

On top of all of this Hollywood Angel still finds time to invest in other artist’s dreams and ambitions plus her own. She currently manages Hip-Hop act Knolo Stacks as well as provides a continuously growing showcase called “The Hollywood Ring” for aspiring artists and for these reasons it’s obvious that the “Hollywood Angel” based out of Panama City, FL has definitely earned her #MilliUp stamp!

Also, and not to be less praised, Hollywood Angel was recently brought in to be the new Editor-in-Chief for BDL4LIFE Magazine! Congratulations to her and the magazine, I’m in good spirits about that relationship!

Here is her acceptance speach;

“To all of our current supporters, thanks for embracing me with open arms and entrusting me to take BDL4LIFE Magazine to another level! And to all of our future clients, we welcome you with open arms and are extremely happy to bring our supporters a wide array of features, marketing, advertising and promotional opportunities!”

Stay Up, Stay Grind’N! Angela “Hollywood Angel” Harris and best wishes on your future endeavors!

Truth separates the weak from the obsolete!

MilliUp! “Where opportunity meets ambition”

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