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“I Know A Guy”; The Power of Networking

We all “know a guy”. Not just anybody, or a random guy, but when we say we “know a guy”, typically it is geared towards a specific task or something that needs to be done. Need a logo done? Hey, I know a guy! Need a hook up with a job you heard about? There is that lady you know! Ladies, you need that fly hairstyle that you keep looking at done perfectly? There is someone who knows a lady who can do it! Everything we do is connected to networking whether we believe it or not. Networking has been a key concept of successfully conquering our dreams a bit more accurately. So, as of today? We set aside the “I can do it myself, I don’t need anyone” attitude. Hey, even Jesus Christ had 12 disciples….

Many of us can have the attitude of independence, which is great, but only to an extent. However, everyone needs a team. The greatest never became great alone. You think Obama became Mr. 44 all by himself? I think not! From his publicist, down to assistants, even to the campaign team, part of his success stems from the connections made and those he knew. We are not exempt from this. Part of our journey is what we know of course, never stop soaking in knowledge, but an even bigger part of the road to riches (figuratively and literally), is WHO we know. Networking is one of the most impacting things you can do for yourself! SO get out, and get busy, because knowledge is only half the battle…

Networking is the most effective and most important thing you can do for your brand in the business realm. Each of us are specialists in something. There are things we are all great at (even if you have not tapped into it just yet) , yet there are things that are not our areas of expertise. This is where networking works in your favor. Let’s say you have an amazing business idea, you have a great plan, you have the financial backing needed and all of the paperwork is not hard for you to do. However, in the process of preparing your business, you know you lack marketing and advertising skills. You aren’t that great with putting things together and presenting them in a professional manner, you are just the business brains and none of the glitz and glamour of presenting it to your audience in a professional and attractive manner. But WAIT, you remember a panel discussion you attended a few months back. You had the pleasure of connecting with a great guy who does an awesome job of creating marketing ideas for brand specific businesses. Just your luck, you remember you added him on Facebook. A quick direct message and now you two are working together on the best presentation of your business ideas and work. So you see, get out there and connect with others. Make room on your friends list for individuals who specialize in various areas. You never know who you will need for what. Where you lack, others are strong in, and together, a powerhouse community of thriving talents and ideas is created. 

Here is an aspect of networking we often overlook. For some reason, the business community has adopted the attitude of competition rather than cooperative connection. It is easy to network and connect with those who do things we are not good at. However, we shy away from connecting with those who share the same ideas and talents as we do. We all want to be the best at what we do, and in turn, we turn from connecting with those who are in our same arena. In all actuality, in order to become the best, we should instead network with the ones who do what we do just as we do others. The best way to perfect your craft is to surround yourself with your craft. I know for me, my Instagram blog page also follows other bloggers! When we remove the lenses of competition and replace them with eyes of opportunity, we begin to thrive. Although others may share the same craft as you, each of you do it differently. Even sharing similar ideas we remain unique because we have our own thoughts, our own plans, our own ways of doing things. Begin to connect with others in your area of expertise in order to become that much better at what you do. Brand building is a continuous process of new ideas. You may use 2+2 to get to 4, while someone else uses 3+1. There are so many different techniques to reaching the correct answers. Never limit yourself due to the spirit of competition. Your only competition is yourself. 

Networking is the most important thing you can do for your brand. Associate with as many as you possibly can to bring the vision to life. There is always someone closer than you think , that can aid in areas you need assistance in. Brand building is not a one man show, but instead behind the curtains are the hands that worked together to bring the show in action for when the lights flicker on and the cameras start rolling. Utilize your social media in an effective way to connect with and fill your friends list with individuals, like minded and otherwise, who are running for success just as you are. It is a speck of what you know, and a plethora of WHO you know. So get out and connect. And always be ready to say, “I know a guy who knows a guy.” And even become that “guy” they know.

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@dejavu , YESS!! I love gaining the insight from others! Networking wasn’t something I ever had to do , and I don’t think I really understood the term until the past 7yrs or so.There’s a lot to be said I think about backscratching . And I wonder whatever happened to the bartering way of life? There’s a sense of pride and humility gained from The need for another’s assistance and having something equally as useful to offer in return.
It makes a sometimes awkward situation ( asking for help) feel comfortable instead of a blow to the ego. It’s easy to forget our own self worth and it’s just a soul quencher when we are reminded we aren’t the only ones who have an itchy back every once in a while. 😂😊

Milliup LLC

Aye, I was out with my tent one day and a young kid came and asked me if I needed help, I replied yes, he then said thats what up, “If you don’t need help, you ain’t doing it big enough!”.

That statement has stuck with me since I heard it and now I network harder than ever! Good article!

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