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K.Dee Livingston

Quick Monday “Thug”date

Thug Money says he’s getting ..

…ready to hit the road “ here soon , and you have no idea how super bummed out I am that I am not going !

I messeged Mr. Money just to check in and asked him if he had been up to anything wild and exciting. And guess what ?

He has!

He informed me that he’s Gearing up For a couple of performance dates he’s looking forward to. April 10 through the 18th he will be in North Carolina performing live! Then  he’s headed to Tampa April 23rd -28th, for the iHeart radio performance , followed by what sounds like the perfect way to wrap up a musically fueled month . He and some of the other artists, are gonna be getting together for a cookout. There’s going to be a lot of good artists exchanging a lot of good advice.
It sounds to me like a good time to me!

Mr. Money (as I’ve come to know him as for some reason) promised to send me some shirts and I can NOT WAIT to rock them … like NOW!!!!

Keep checking in ,and make sure to like and share the page to stay up to date on the latest show dates and more !




Turnin tricks t-shirt

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Milliup LLC

Sounds like fun, tell Mr. Money to get us some addresses and times so we cann see if we can get a representative to come show him some love and ask/answer questions.

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