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What you need to know about the music business/MilliUp Music presents… “Love Grow” by Kenise Taylor ft Platino Da Don & Carolina George

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Maaaaan listen yall, this the realest shit ANYONE gone EVER TELL YALL about this MUSIC shit, ALOT of mfs out here making hella bread off of us independent artists giving us all false hope’s and dreams!

The thing is, it’s not about your preparation, “WHETHER OR NOT YOU POPPING IN THE STREETS” (lol), who you cool with or who ya know, what set you claim, if your song is mastered or not, what your budget numbers are, if you have a concert following, your YouTube views, how u look on stage presence, your branding, your social media followers, reputation, merchandising, what DJs u fw, how many downloads ya mixtape got, etc etc etc ALL THAT MF TOTAL BULLSHIT… ITS NOT ABOUT NONE OF THAT SHIT! I know because I have MASTERED- IT- ALL- OMMFM!!! (see for yourself @ MilliUp!dotcom! hit the menu tab, send your inquiries to MilliUp LLC Facebook fanpage)

MilliUp Model Kenise Taylor has just released her debuted single “Love Grow”

featuring myself (Carolina George) and MilliUp Music labelmate the spanglish rapper/songwriter Platino Da Don

To promote this new release i have used EVERY RESOURCE and RELATIONSHIP that we’ve built over the years, we’ll see what happens.🤷🏾‍♂️

#AllTheFacts are in this next sentence…

UNLESS YOU HAVE A MAJOR ($50K minimum) marketing and advertising budget, OR BY GOD JUST GET LUCKY, you are NOT, I REPEAT NOT going to break that song NO MATTER WHAT, IDGAF HOW GOOD OF A PROJECT IT IS🤷🏾‍♂️… all you doing is making it look good because you are going to hit the level where there is nothing else to possibly do other than spend that $50k to get that song OUT OF YOUR REGION… That is not a nationwide promo budget, that is your region… and with that kinda cash YOU HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF ARE YOU WILLING TO GAMBLE WITH IT ON YOU? ARE YOU WILLING TO DO THAT KINDA PROMOTION, THAT KINDA GRIND?

HOWEVER, just because your song wont get major budgeting doesn’t mean your song can’t get popular through licensing which is a long shot. Most of those checks average around $6-$300 the good thing is they are all profit. And can begin to add up very quickly if your catalog is big enough.

You can also produce or write music etc and let another artist get popular for you while you take in the profits.

Sure, you can do shows at a low level for about -($500) in promoter fees and up to around $1500 profit if you’re considered LOCAL/REGIONAL TALENT but for the most part you’re not going to make a living off of these kinds of opportunities… should you still do them? Absolutely! Simply because they build all of the things you’re going to need when/if the major opportunities come.


Bottomline is, ask yourself, and when you do… be real with YOUR GAHDAMN SELF… how bad do you want this? Do you realistically AND ALL LUCK ASIDE believe you can make that budget THRESHOLD ($50,000) to promote and market your song to the majors who will help you… and if you do, are you willing to accept failure WHEN/IF it doesn’t give a proper RETURN ON THE INVESTMENT?

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