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Cino Bandz “Henny In A Cup”

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1. Henny In A Cup

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i like it

Carolina George

@CinoBandz this joint was dope bro… Started a little bit off for me because I didn’t know where u were going w it but by the time it went off me and my ppl were rocking!

Marvin Cinobandz LeGendre

Thanks, bruh….Wit dis track I wanted to Created it a little different from what is out now, same chicken but different flavor but its still chicken, u digg…. I normally write to my own beatz, but when I heard dat beatz from Jama Waddell aka Joka Poka. I had recited a hook I wrote years ago and everything came after….

Carolina George

That’s dope! I normally write to my own beats as well so I know that feeling you’re referring to. When a beat is really ready you can’t refuse it if you about ya music! Tell @JokaPoka he has a few fans on http://www.MilliUp.com

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