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K.Dee Livingston


“THUG MONEY IN THE BUILDING”Thug Money turning tricks and turning heads with Kaydee Livingston
Ok, so…

last week I posted a short article gearing up for some of the events happening this Season . Including “Thug Money “ and The Iheart Radio concert coming up in Tampa!
Rap artist and entrepreneur, Hustle Gwop plans to drop his new Promo video while hosting, what sounds like, an awesome networking Event !
Gwop  was unable to link to the podcast however the show must go on and Mr. money a.k.a. Mike and I had an awesome conversation.


One that I needed .He may not have known it but it was definitely an appreciated conversation.
I have grown quite fond of Mr. money and his wife. She seems like a good woman and he is very lucky to have her . They complement each other and build each other up and push each other and it seems that they are just so grateful to have one another. A side you’ll get to hear during the show whenever he speaks of her. It almost gives me hope that maybe I will believe in love again someday. Mr. money seems to think that I have hope. I’ll go with that.

The link to the podcast, featuring Thug Money and myself is posted below(be sure to subscribe)Thug was featured in this weeks episode of “Conversations with Kaydee” .

I really hope that you guys start checking it out because it might not be today’s episode but I guarantee there will be a episode where you will learn something amazing from someone you least expect.you least expect. Everybody that I include in anything that I submit for content has in someway shown me a different perspective on things.

Sorry we missed you Gwop, we still ended up having  a good time and best of luck with all that you do this season !

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: “Everybody Needs a Good Thug In Their Life” Conversation with rap artist “THUG MONEY “î https://anchor.fm/kay-deevine/episodes/Everybody-Needs-a-Good-Thug-In-Their-Life-Conversation-with-rap-artist-THUG-MONEY-eu24d4https://anchor.fm/kay-deevine/episodes/Everybody-Needs-a-Good-Thug-In-Their-Life-Conversation-with-rap-artist-THUG-MONEY-eu24d4

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