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If You Don’t Know Nobody ELSE… Jukno Mii!!

Do you like being broke? Honestly, this is a legitimate question to ask yourself! When was the last time you actually had an honest one on one conversation with yourself regarding your current state… financially that is? When was the last time you set a goal and complete it? For most of us we’re working towards our dreams but we aren’t there yet and its normally a goal by goal process that we have in place to help us achieve what many perceive to be impossible or unlikely!


My man Jukno Mii (Try saying “You Know Me” to pronounce his name Ju-Kno-Mii) realized that he was looking at a hard time finding a positive way and asked himself this exact question of “Do you like being broke?”. His response to himself gave him the concept for his new release properly titled “Do You Like Being Broke” or “Do you like”.


Jukno Mii, a Bronx, NY born rapper currently residing in Raleigh, NC comes from a family full of musical tradition. When asked why does he do it Jukno Mii’s response was “I pursue this profession because its my way of mental therapy. I was born with this talent, to be able to make songs come to life about my life. My cousin is “THE” journalist for the rap industry, his name is Shaheem Reid. I make music for the love of it!”

Promoting his new EP titled “Hear Mii Out” Jukno Mii is getting buzz alongside some of the industry’s top hip-hop artists by opening for acts like Kevin Gates, Dej Loaf, Dougie Fresh, Tk n Cash, T.I, Young Geezy, Big Daddy Kane, Choppa Zoe from money and violence, and more.


Oh, you missed the last stage Jukno Mii crushed huh? No problem because one thing I know about Jukno Mii is that with shows coming up in New York, North Carolina, Atlanta, and Florida Jukno Mii is definitely not a hard guy to find.


Jukno Mii says; “My goal in this business is to reach people with my story, set my family straight, give hope to the hopeless, make my mom proud, of course make money, and be able to be amongst the greats.” It’s because of these actions, the goals set and the ones already achieved that Jukno Mii gets a cool #MilliUp stamped to his hustle! #StayUpStayGrindN Jukno Mii!

Check out Jukno Mii live in action during this 92.1 Choice FM Raleigh, NC radio station interview!!!


I asked Mr. Mii what advice does he have for others headed towards the path he’s already taken, his response; “I came from nothing giving up is not a option! Work hard for what u want and know nothing is given to you. Look in the mirror and tell urself, “I will be great!”. Never settle! Watch yourself! In this industry, you’ll lose family/close friends so easy once you start to proceed to success! Go get the new EP, it tells you everything you need to about me! I am Jukno Mii (pronounced Juno me)!”

You already know his name, but if you don’t just ask him and he’ll tell you Jukno Mii!!

The brand is “Survive In America”.


Catch up with my man Jukno Mii on these social media platforms:

email: siastars@gmail.com

Instagram: @juknomii , @darealjuknomii, @hearmiiout

Facebook : Jukno mii, Brandon Solomon, Jukno lifestyle

Snapchat : @juknomii

Reverbnation: Jukno mii

SoundCloud: Jukno mii

Audio mack: jukno mii

YouTube : jukno mii

Google : Jukno mii

My website : www.juknomii.com

#Truth separate the weak from the obsolete!
#MilliUp where opportunity meets ambition!

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Carolina George

Just signed in with my twitter account @cakalakgeorge by verifying my account and then giving the “Disqus” app permission to use my profile. I created a user name, a password, then entered an email and verified it. thank me later
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Carolina George

Jukno Mii this is hard work my friend, and hard work always pays off! #StayUpStayGrind’N!

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