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Influencers Get Paid for Your Response

Hot New Way Influencers Are Making Money Without Content

ReSponda.app is turning fans’ messages into cash




One of the hardest parts about being an influencer is the endless amount of content you have to create. It seems like no matter what, you can never create enough content. However, the one thing influencers do have is a lot of messages.


When we talk to influencers it’s always the same story, “My DMs? Honestly, I never check those anymore. I get way too many.”


This is where ReSponda comes in. ReSponda is the new platform that allows fans to pay to message their favorite influencer with a guaranteed response. Influencers these days have so many fans that are dying to communicate with them but influencers just do not have the time to reply to everyone.


Here is how ReSponda is changing the game for influencers.


By using ReSponda influencers have the ability to set a price on how much it costs to message them. This way influencers can put a value on how much time they are spending responding to messages. Through ReSponda influencers can have a one on one text conversation with their fans. This type of communication is missing these days and will help the influencer create a deeper connection with their fans while also creating a nice income stream.


What sets ReSponda apart from the competition?


There are so many new platforms for influencers these days that it makes it really hard to decide what ones to use. The easiest thing about ReSponda is you don’t have to do much to benefit from it. Simply share your link on social media and let your fans do the rest. Here are a few more features that make ReSponda stand out from the crowd.



Influencers are paid instantly


With a lot of platforms you have to wait multiple weeks just to get paid. With ReSponda you are in complete control and you get paid as soon as the conversation is complete. No more waiting and wondering if you’re going to get paid or not. Your time is valuable and the money is yours.


Influencers get paid 100%


ReSponda does not take a cut of your earnings. Not a single penny. Most platforms take 15% – 30% of their creators earnings which is a large cut of your profits. ReSponda structured it’s platform to be as beneficial for influencers as possible so all influencers make 100% of what they charge. ReSponda makes it’s profit by charging a small service charge to the fan.


You don’t have to create more content


One of the hardest parts about signing up for other platforms is the mountain of content you have to create. As an influencer you are always creating content so the last thing you want is another platform that makes you create more. With ReSponda there is no additional content needed. Your fans want to talk to you and are more than willing to pay for it.



Not all fans want to pay a monthly subscription


ReSponda makes reaching influencers as easy as possible. That’s why with ReSponda there are no monthly fees. Not every fan is willing to pay a monthly subscription so this structure allows more fans the opportunity to reach their favorite influencers without worrying about a charge every single month.


ReSponda is the new messaging platform that is changing the game for influencers. Now you can make money by providing your fans access to you that they have never had before.


For a limited time, the first 1,000 sign ups will receive a blue Founding Member’s verified checkmark. If you’re interested in making additional income by chatting with your fans, sign up at ReSponda.app today!!

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This sounds very promising, good read, great potential win for influencers!

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