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The Hot On Da Block Tour 2020

We invite you to the “The Hot On Da Block Tour 2020” Co-Sponsored and Co-Hosted by MilliUp taking place January 31st in the THALIAN HALL CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, INC 310 Chestnut Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

The Hot On Da Block Tour 2020 is a unique concert event that gives access to the general public, theater goers, press and professionals.

“Connect your brand & story with consumers in a unique, monumental, and invaluable way! We will deliver a unforgettable experience in “The Hot On The Block Tour 2020” in an amalgamation of student life and prospective consumers, local press, brands, organizations, and general public.


















Boys & Girls Club Jan 31 8am-11am
Boys & Girls Club
4 Hours Volunteer

1) Motivational Moments
Speak on Bullying, Positive Attitudes, Goal Setting, 1 person Tell Children Background Story and how they had a positive outcome

2) Team Builder

3) 2 Performances

4) Plaque Ceremony

Vendor Set Up Jan 31 1pm to 3pm

Meet & Greet Jan 31
3pm to 6pm

Showcase Jan 31
Doors Open 7pm

Showcase Starts Jan 31
Doors Open 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Food & Beverage Available

All Ages Show







Johnny Torres

Owner/Managing Partner


(Internal & External Communications)



Created by: Johnny Torres

Executive Producer:

Directing Coordinator:______________________

Genre: Independent Entrepreneur Film / Reality Series/ Concert Series

Title: HOT ON DA BLOCK 2020™ Where we learn about brands and their contribution to the culture, tactics for survival and pursuit of the American dream opening conversation and contributing to solutions in controversial topic and issues. Narrated by various artists & hosted by special guests.

Logline (short pitch): “YO! MTV Raps” meets “AMERICA’S GOT TALENT” brands participation. Premiering the lives, milestones of the entrepreneurs. See these brands at work, entertaining live, prowling in their circles. At key moments in their stories the brands update the public with their stories and productions being created simultaneously.

Synopsis: “HOT ON DA BLOCK 2020™” fills the void of what people everywhere experience trying to be self made intertwining it with the most informative content ever released in a fun and exciting way. Also shows them contributing to social causes.

Get inside and learn what makes them tick. See them juggling the demands of markets and business building in entertainment in the search for success. Watch their assertive demeanor in the concert series and events..

“HOT ON DA BLOCK 2020™” documents, and follows brands, providing a fascinating social matrix that draws the viewer to bond with their stories.

Each segment of the film and concert  series will have portions devoted to different segments of the brands around their vision, minds and motifs.

“HOT ON DA BLOCK 2020™” – Our castings and Meet and Greets selects individuals in high-visibility businesses such as film, entertainment, advertising, fashion, sales, marketing, law, and the media. Brands efforts will be highlighted to show the stresses, successes, and situations that they encounter…and most importantly how they deal with those experiences.

“Friendship” – The bonding rituals of the brands will be highlighted as the overriding context. Our cast will be a close-knit group of up and coming brands & recording artists. Scene will include the brands meeting for counseling to discuss latest life happenings and frank discussions of the growth of HipHop in a global market.

Sample episode arc-

Intro – A small montage is shown of each young brand to refresh the viewer about their background, , life, and current situation in the video series. This is quickly recapped as we watch the actors in scenes at work and socially, and ends with the actors meeting at a “HOT ON DA BLOCK WINTER CONCERT 2020™” EVENT, or shooting location.

Initial Highlights of advice, shooting tips, etc– Fascinating business advice tips etc recaps from previous days, or recordings, interesting gripes about the workday and/or family, emotional moments among the actors, all of these highlights are shown in 2-3 minute clips per segment/issue/moment.

Health Focus #1 – Recap a current actors drug free, health life and splice it with commentary from one or more of the actors at a gym. Show the actors out on a workout or getting healthy at a gym.

Career Focus – Next the video series will move to one of the interviewing guests (professionals). The preparation, anxiety, delivery, resolution, and reaction to one of the actors location and where it is going to be filmed. Use shots of the location, the other young brands dancing and enjoying the interview and performance, and the actor discussing it happy after the circumstances.

“HOT ON DA BLOCK 2020™” Committee & Cast – participates asking the young brands questions before they interview and shadow professionals.

Friend Focus # 2 – The young brands gather together to discuss how the interviews and shadowing went, what were the results of the interviews and shadowing and a production.

recap – At this point the film segways into a show reinforcing the young brands bonding between them and their  advertisers, sponsors, mentors with shots of them together. Clips from filming that fill in the gaps of the creative and production process of their brand and product and career focuses are shown. The advice, reassurance, and support between the mentors and young brands are highlighted. Any additional outlandish or hilarious stories are played out.

Discuss! – Give the viewer a website link to view and comment on the Film project, Concert ad Video series. Switch the series to a viewing party at a local Middle, School, University, Theater spot where we see the audience’s reaction to the video series. Close by flashing the website again and an opportunity for the young brands to post a video of their friends and be the next set of “HOT ON DA BLOCK 2020™”.




January 31st 2020

The Hot On Da Block™ Winter Concert  is a fast growing  hiphop production exhibiting a mixture of live performers and entertainers performing a unique colorful vibe to the musical landscape .  

(Scene 1)



Angela Harris, also known as “Hollywood Angel,” is a purpose journalist and native of Panama City, FL. She was born with a knack for God, people, education and entertainment!

Angela earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Florida A&M University, one of the top HBCU’s in the US. Home to the Rattlers and the Marching 100’s Band, in the heart of the Capital City!

Hollywood Angel earned her 2nd B.S. Degree in Film from Full Sail University, one of the finest Art schools in the country, located in Winter Park, FL. She has hopes of becoming an Entertainment Lawyer in the near future and currently manages artist, Knolo Stacks of Block Ink Ent, is a PR for IUU MUSIC Hong Kong has conducted A&R and PR work for many in the industry including Que Mussolini, 4G Rap Music, Charisma Mufasa, Swift Slay, Black Ice, Kenyon Glover, Donnell Williams, Jamil Flores, Geechie Dan, Polo the Fur King, Shi Lewis, Jermel Howard and so many more!

Angela has experience as an Opinions Editor, Assistant Editor, and Contributing Writer. She has director credits from creating her own movies and commercials, she is skilled in photography, public relations and social media management.

Some of her work includes: Journey Magazine, OZONE Magazine as a featured Model, Miami Kustoms Magazine, Flaim Magazine, BTMB Magazine, the FAMUAN and Capital Outlook newspaper. She has worked on music videos with Boyz 2 Men,  Nino Brown, Blood Raw, Rapp Brown, Percy Townes, Swift Slay and BBMG. She directed: “Acquaintances, My Friend, Whatever,” a short story on stereotypes of African Americans, an HIV/AIDS awareness PSA which was submitted to a national contest for Global Aids Awareness, and she had the opportunity to submit a test Doritos commercial for the Super Bowl through Full Sail University. Angela has been in front of the camera on many occasions as well as BTS. One of the 1st movies Angela played a role in is, “Chain Reaction,” featuring Rick Ross in character, directed by MBezzy and filmed by Total Kaos! She is also featured in “Forgive Us Our Sin,” by Antoine Gomire, a Chicago Filmmaker and has been cast for “Forgive Us Our Sins II.” Angela is also committed to starring in her 1st feature length film, “Just a Closer Walk,” by John Fredericks, where she will play a role as John’s mother’s best friend!

Angela loves the beach, sunny weather and seafood. She enjoys spending time with family.  And she is extremely excited to be the new Editor-in-Chief for BDL4LIFE Magazine and a current A&R for BDL4LIFE ENT!

“To all of our current supporters, thanks for embracing me with open arms and entrusting me to take BDL4LIFE Magazine to another level! And to all of our future clients, we welcome you with open arms and are extremely happy to bring our supporters a wide array of features, marketing, advertising and promotional opportunities!” Let’s work 2018!!

To Contact Email: BDL4LIFEmagazine@gmail.com

IG: bdl4lifemagazine



(Scene 2)



Praised by music fans The LIK BROTHAZ are “captivating”.  Performances draw from their notable “style of intellect, message and emotions,”

The LIK BROTHAZ are currently recording their debut album, INFLUENCE, featuring new works and will be released in 2020.

Through their  engaging and thought-provoking songs, branded by listeners as genuinely exciting” and “imaginative,” the LIK BROTHAZ Ty Boogie and Diddy Bop  acclaim for bringing      “young emotional power” to bold new sounds, and for their “fun masterpiece” performances-  The group will tour extensively across North America giving both debut appearances at Thalian Hall Wilmington NC January 31st  as part of a concert series.

Based in Kentucky, the LIK BROTHAZ have been presenting themselves in schools and sporting events throughout the 2019 season, leading the public to applaud them as “a new generation of icons, who cogently traverse a range of repertoire staples and entertain.

Previous recorded music video engagements include: the 2019 Southern Elementary & UK a rendition to the University of Kentucky..

The Duo is getting booked solid to perform  extensively throughout North America, and abroad.

Formed in 2019 and combining 2 distinctive musical personalities into a unique collective, the LIK BROTHAZ draw their name from “LIKE BROTHERS,” noted for their respect and love for each other and others with  incredible detail.

(Scene 3)

Supa Cool


Anthony Walker better known as RealSupaCool, was born on Novemeber 14th 1985 in Germany.  After moving back to the United States, he began his journey to discover his gift of music.  Elementary school was tough not because of the work but because of anger issues due to divorce from mom and dad.  From there he found his calm thru the music he listened to and used that energy to channel what would become greatness.

RealSupaCool got his official start in middle school where a good friend named Matt told him about the program Fruityloops (FL Studio, which was at version 1.9 at the time).  It allowed hia vision to be produced in beat format using the software he just gained.  Soon talent shows and other artists began to discover him as not only an artist but an extraordinary producer as well.

His past influences are artists like (2Pac, Biggie, T.I., Jeezy, Outkast) and producers like (Dr. Dre, Mannie Fresh, DJ Toomp, Organized Noize) just to name a few.  He has been making quality tracks for over 20 years now and has worked with many people in the industry (Kevin Gates, Bezz Believe, Shaq, Starlito, Gucci Mane, Bubba Sparxxx, Jackboy 1800, OG Boobie Black).

What the future looks like is simply a mission to the top of every chart that can be made in music.  Currently he is a member of Chessboard Enterprises and is a minority shareholder as well.  “My job is to make sure we experience the levels that I’ve already seen in this industry.  This time we do it on our terms as a family like we supposed to.”

(Scene 4)



Bottom Boy Inc hailed by fans for their hardcore energy is equally on a world-music stage or performing a concert.  The Bottom Boy Inc.   come together when CEO Johnny Fabian seeks out talent as T.A., BBI Bray, Young God, and Bobaine. and begin successful partnerships from their love for the music— which features a seamless blend of traditional hiphop and crunk music—leading to a busy global touring schedule and a growing catalog of critically acclaimed recordings garnering notoriety.

Committed to performing their debut GET DOWN OR LAY DOWN album music premieres MY DOG , SLIDE, STEPPED ON  along with their best compositions.

BBI The Bottom Boy Inc become connected the concert series striving actively and expanding their repertoire, with contributing works to be announced. . Appearing frequently in diverse non-traditional spaces, night clubs and art galleries the groups  forms an unforgettable experience.

(Scene 5)



LADY BLING is one of the best recording artists to descend from Memphis, Tennessee.

“Nothing short of remarkable…Lady Bling  simply, brings whatever she narrates over to glorious life.  That is how music fans describe her.  Whether rapping about hustling, struggles, or telling a story her diverse repertoire captivates audiences and critics with her gritty yet charming stage presence, and entertaining presentation.

Lady Bling‘s renowned SLAUGHTER TIME 2 ALBUM offers a unique combination of a pure   voice and seamless blend of  songs and artists ensembled.

(Scene 6)

Mr. Smith a.k.a BO$$ MONEY


Meet Mr. Smith a.k.a. “BO$$ Money” —  many have been impatiently waiting.

Performing  “Do Your Thang” his  promise into a persuasive message that resonates an adult  and mature melody creating attention. In this event, BO$$ Money through fly sex appeal and setting a trend  BO$$ Money is reaching audiences elevating excitement and a memorable show.

Applauded by fans a perfect encapsulation of today’s genre-bending trend in Twerk music,” and by like-minded,” BOSS MONEYs interpretation of  Do Your Thang!  makes him one of the most dynamic artists of the culture and generation.



The DARK REIGN ROYALTY camp has earned praise from audiences and critics alike for their show performances, compelling recordings and distinctive repertoire. Hailed as “…a tight-knit explosive with power and un-concealable ambition to connect with their newly found listeners”.

DRRs  connection with its audiences repertoire is diverse, ranging from songs by ROGUES P and SCOTTY MAC such as Your Desire featuring New York’s own pride.    DRRs subsequent performances has  gained praise culminating with performances as part of the concert  series.

DRR is  based in Long Island NY.




(Scene 9)GEE GEE


(Scene 10)

Living Darian


Cincinnati, Ohio born Darian has led a challenging life resulting in ultimate victory. His birth father, onetime James Brown guitarist Calvin Goshade, returned to touring during his mother’s pregnancy and had no idea he had a son and his mother, Shelia Faye Owen, attempted raising him and his two sisters before cancer felled her ten days before Darian’s fifth birthday. Owen had chosen individuals to care for her children upon her death but sexual abuse soon fragmented the grieving children – Darian’s sisters were adopted and Darian moved thirteen times over the next three years before William and Marilyn Pellman adopted him.

Perhaps it seems natural, given his DNA, that Darian found music soon after. He started playing drums at the age of ten, began composing his own music by his fourteenth birthday, and had his own studio at the tender age of eighteen years old. He logged seven years as a member and executive producer of the band Non-Fiction but differences eventually dissolved the unit and Darian has worked as a solo artist since then. His album release Live For Love illustrates a vast array of influences – much of his material draws from hip hop, but blues and rock alike make their presence felt as well. His multi-instrumental talents fuel the sprawling eighteen song collection and his production work shaping the release distinguishes its sound.

The opener “Hit the Highway” melds his rock influences with a high velocity hip hop styled delivery. There’s a light synthesizer touch adding color to the track at key points, phased guitar riffing, and simmering energy keeping the track on a headlong path from its first seconds to last. This is a strong way to begin the album and the variation Darian brings to his vocal delivery further sets the song apart from similar efforts. The album’s title song opens with pensive and lyrical piano before expanding into a mid-tempo hip hop groove. It features second vocalist Jangles as a featured guest and his voice provides a low-key dramatic contrast with Darian’s own. Darian intends this song to stand as a definitive personal statement about his own destiny and what he wants from his world; the mix of attitude and musicality provides a perfect forum for such aspirations.

“These Things” is another mix of stylistic approaches opening with a blast of soul before incorporating his hip hop sound into the composition. It is impossible to not be impressed by the seamless way he blends seemingly disparate musical strands into an unified whole; other artists can’t pull such a synthesis off without it sounding disjointed and poorly conceived. “Down by the River” has a light funk edge and a moody near singer/songwriter sensibility unlike anything else discussed thus far in this review. The performance dispenses with the hip hop influences prevalent throughout much of the album in favor of a stripped down musical attack built around Darian’s voice and guitar.

“Gullible” has a slinky groove snaking its way over the course of three and a half minutes Darian matches with an understated vocal throughout. It is one of the release’s hidden gems and should be compelling in a live setting. The album concludes with a reprise of the title track sans Jangles’ vocal contributions – this take on the track varies little from the previous version but the additional emphasis on Darian’s performance gives it a greater personal quality than ever before. Living Darian’s latest release Live for Love is the peak so far in a short career, but he’s accomplished more as an artist than many of his contemporaries manage over decades. It is bracing to think about how early he is in his journey.

(Scene 11)



(Scene 12)

RPG a.k.a. Rapping GrandPa


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