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K.Dee Livingston

A Podcast, Thug Money & Gwop ! Oh My!

Just a quick note…

  Both artists Thug Money and Hustle Gwop , seem to be grindin pretty hard this next month!
With April only a few days away , Spring doesn’t seem to be the only thing that’s kicking off this year. For these guys, both of  their careers also seem to be blossoming as well! I decided to get in touch with each of them to discuss the next month and all the excitement surrounding it, but thought it would be more fun and effective to invite them to join me on  “Prismatic Perceptions” for a podcast episode featuring them both. They were both equally as amped for the opportunity to discuss April’s upcoming events and I personally can’t wait to hear what else they have in store for their fans this coming summer! So make sure to keep an eye out for the episode which I will of course be posting here there and everywhere for your listening pleasure ..

That is all……

Kaydee “KimmEDee” Livingston


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♬ Turning Tricks – Thug Money



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