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Thrill Seeker and CEO of Vega Jam Records

VeGa Jam Records is an upcoming indie label that has exploded onto the scene with two hot new artist releasing their single debuts. Both artist are new to the scene and although their internet and social presence may be slim at the moment, I would definitely urge you to check out these artist El-Amin and Musii. The CEO of Vega Jams Records, Nitro Wells, just partnered up with one of the largest digital distribution platforms available, who not only handles the publishing and distribution, but he is also able to offer the artist Synchronization, video Monetization and more. What VeGa Jam Records offers the independent artist is really a one stop shop for any artist. VeGa Jam Records maybe a new name to us, but I know from an insiders perspective, that they can help take talented artist to the next level through their industry contacts as well as their passion for good music. If you are an upcoming artist and looking for guidance in this jungle, I would definitely urge you to contact VeGa Jam Records to see if they can help you. Email Vegajamrecords@gmail.com  Follow VeGa Jam Records on social media!






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