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“Don’t Hate the Player”~KENISE TAYLOR ~ Re-Writing the Game..

….Her Way!

Ugh, hey Kenise? Is there any chance you can can hook me up with one of these Rainbow Body Suit/leg warmer sets! FR!! 🙂

And why wouldn’t she? Kenise Taylor is an artist AND a successful business woman!


she’s doing exactly what she knows how to do , and very well I might add. The fact that she has a business focused mindset and only needs “Kenise” to accomplish her goals , is why she deserves nothing short of respect.
I genuinely mean it when I say I admire this woman, personally.

She is why I always tell people “NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER”! Because sometimes a person might have both.

Not only is she a model,
she’s  also a 
mentor & the CEO of Hair Magicka LLC.
Did I mention she’s also a published Author of not one but Two highly rated books. One, being the cutest children’s book EVER!
The Adventures of Floyd: the Brave Hornet

Adventures of Floyd”-The Brave Hornet ,a personal fave of my daughter. Floyd teaches kids the importance of being aware of their surroundings, decision making, and how to be brave.
This day in age , these lessons are a vital part to raising a child and I seriously suggest all you Mommy’s or Daddy’s out there to add this to your child’s book collection.

I told you this woman is on point!

With her Brand New Video for “Shooting Star”, the lead single off of her debut album titled “824”.
The Video premiered yesterday,June 11, 2021. I think it’s pretty clear to see that Kenise Taylor is truly living her best life! Don’t believe me? (Misery, I know you’re out there!) check out the video and see for yourself. The song , well how I interpreted it to be anyways, is her definition of love, happiness and hope made tangible! (You’re a lucky man Mr. Kenise Taylor)     Her face radiates and I mean it literally radiates how amazingly happy she is with herself and her accomplishments.

I can only imagine. It’s what beautiful is supposed to look like.
With a whole world ahead of her and a new husband & family to share it with , I anticipate nothing short of amazing from Kenise. Maybe we all could learn a little something from this young Entrepreneur.
I know I personally would like to know her secret to always being able to exude happiness ! ?!

And ….…..

does it have a brother? Hahahahah!


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Milliup LLC

This is how you write a custom press release for all entertainers and entrepreneurs! I love how you promoted multiple aspects of the artist/entrepreneur that led up to the release of the new music video and how for every reference a link was included. Perfection!

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