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Maiden Voyage ……. Storm on My Head


Maiden Voyage is causing a wave with their new single “Storm on My Head”. This multi-national trio group composed of Mistacii, Rebai Uhuru and Alisonus recorded this song in Ghana composed by all members of the group. The song sends a great message about life and the struggles we encounter emphasizing that we need to have faith in ourselves and elevate to a higher frequency. Through focusing on our end goal we can overcome and rise above.

I have never met this group, but their words have touched me and I am sure many of you will feel the same. They live their life in a way that we can all take to heart. Mistacii stated “Know thy self, everything else can wait”, which if you think about it, this is great advice for anyone. How can we be happy and successful if we don’t know our true self. Rebai Uhuru lives by a similar philosophy, he stated “Attainment of self, seek for it and be bold”. I believe all of these artist have an extremely positive attitude in a very harsh industry. Music no matter what the genre, can definitely add dimension to our lives. This is definitely one of those groups that can give us the positive encouragement we all can benefit from. Be sure to check them out.








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