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“Whoa” By King Marlee and Filthy Rich Redd

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Rich Redd

This is 1 of the funniest songs ive ever done s/o 2 King Marlee on the verse, Kellz Davinci on the boards ….Beat whipped up by Strike Tyson

Carolina George

Is kellz DaVinci an engineer or something bro?

Ja'Quan Thomas

StrikeTyson 1 of the best producers in Raleigh NC this song dope for real I can remember sitting in my living room making the beat yea its a hit banga hope y’all love it

Carolina George

Nice to meet you send us more music


King Marlee In This Bih….We Bringing A Whole New Feel To Carolina.. Prepare For Greatness…#NewCarolina

Carolina George

Thanks for joining us feel free to send more music anytime

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